One Last Hot Take On Aaron Hernandez

I know it’s been a long day but hear me out on this-

Aaron Hernandez killed himself to purposely die an innocent man. 

According to an archaic law in MA, if a man dies on trial then he goes down as innocent. This goes for appeals too.

So a few days ago his double-homicide gets acquitted. Now he has one other murder charge. It will put him in jail for life but while it is being appealed he is technically an innocent man in Massachusetts. 
This isn’t hypothetical either it’s fact, he’s in the books as innocent. 

Check here if you want the whole legal run down – Source: Boston Globe

So why would he do it? 

Now the lawyers could have a shot at getting some money back from the NFL for Hernandez daughter. 

His team and the NFL withheld over 80% of his salary because being convicted of a violent felony breached contract. But now legally he’s an innocent deadman. You know there’s gotta be legal teams ready to pounce on that loophole. 

Not to mention the NFL pension he technically is now eligible for since he has not been fully convicted. 

Oh this one is bad…

I’m not implying that his lawyer may have planted this idea in his head. I do want to mention that Hernandez’ lawyer, being one of the last people to speak to Aaron, refused to speak to investigating authorities. Falling back on his client-confidentiality clause. Interesting. 

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