A Very Convincing Argument: Are the Trumps Literally the Lannisters?


OK I know I’m not the first to put up this argument, but I think I just perfected it. We’re going to start with the obvious stuff and then get more specific as we move on, first on the list-

Imaginary Wealth

We all know the Trump family and the Lannisters are both known for being bougie. They both love gold, and they both love putting their name on things.

trump gold name
Sometimes both

The only thing these two families love more than money is exaggerating how much of it they have.

In season 4, Tywin let Cersei in on a dark secret. The Lannister gold mines hadn’t produced an ounce of gold in the past year.

Tywin In Debt to Iron Bank

Click here for full clip

How do the Lannisters pay for anything when their gold mines are a facade? Well, Tywin explains that the crown (they) owe a tremendous amount of money to the iron bank.

“The crown owes The Iron Bank of Braavos a tremendous amount of money,” Tywin explains. “That’s what the Iron Bank is, a temple. We all live in its shadow, and almost none of us know it. You can’t run from them. You can’t cheat them. You can’t sway them with excuses. If you owe them money, and you don’t want to crumble yourself, you pay it back.”
– Tywin Lannister

So, what do you do when the industry that made your family wealthy runs dry? You run to politics before your image follows suit. With careful planning, a wealthy family can create the illusion that they are interested in politics. A manufactured platform can cater to the general public and in the end boost their family back into the elite class it once belonged.

We know this is the case with the Lannisters. Trump however, still has some people fooled.

This article from ‘Fortune’ sums it all up nicely.

But I’ll give you the TL;DR here if you need it-

Essentially, Trump is an exaggerator (duh). This exaggeration of his life doesn’t stop when it comes to finances. That’s why the Donald hates tax returns so much. They put a finite number on a figure that he loves to inflate at will. Without knowing how much the Trump business pays in taxes, it is impossible to estimate Donald’s net worth. All of the estimates come from Donald Trumps “valuations”. These are essentially all up to him since most of his business assets are based in property and brand recognition.


Property and brand are two values that can be argued immensely. It is safe to say he has settled on a higher guess for both of these. His latest estimation of his own wealth is $10 Billion. While the experts can’t say a figure for sure, they can all agree that Trump’s estimate is absurd.

Not Believing in The Inevitable

What do White Walkers and Global Warming have in common? They are both serious inevitable threats that are ignored by the central government.

In Kings Landing there is little talk of the White Walkers. Any talk of monsters north of wall is quickly written off as nonsense by both the Lannisters and the Tyrells. There is too much public manipulation to take care of, no time to take on another problem. Especially a problem as scary as that one.

white walkers

In this sense, being a viewer is just like being a voter. We can see the effects of this very real threat right in front of our eyes. But we watch as our politicians just ignore it. It’s quite upsetting actually. Too bad we have no John Snow among the Global Warming activists to give Trump an inconvenient truth.

Incest Accusations

If there is one thing the Trump and Lannister families are no stranger to, it’s incest accusations.

Above is a clip from ‘The View’ in 2006 where Trump discusses his ‘relationship’ with Ivanka.

Not only does Trump say that Ivanka has a great figure, but continued with “I’ve said that, if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

My favorite part of that statement is where he implies that it’s a thing he always says. He couldn’t finish the thought before the panel started calling him a sick man (LOL!). Clearly his inner circle at those sleazy NYC penthouse parties are more accepting of his ‘jokes’.

John Snow Gif

Side-to-Side Comparisons

A few of the Trump family members are also eerily similar to a few of the Lannister family members. I listed a few for you to check out below. Coincidence? You decide.


tiffany trump tyrion lannister

Just like Tyrion, Tiffany will be using her mind rather than her sword in life. Both of these beautiful children are half-siblings to their family, born to a different mother. They are also both the shortest members of their families. Similarly to Tyrion, Tiffany has run away from her family and none of them have heard from her in over two seasons.

cersei lannister ivanka trump

Not only does Ivanka fight off incest accusations like Cersei, but they both have a clothing line that has failed since the election! The two are beautiful, powerful, and each are coddled by their respective Father. Just like Tywin wants Cersei to go back to Casterly Rock, Trump has sent Ivanka to go back home to NYC.

Melania/Lady Tyrell
Melania Trump Lady Tyrell

Both are elegant, well-spoken older ladies. They are both from a foreign land and they both are forced to remain at the capitol. Lady Tyrell and Melania both love their children and would do anything to advance their place in the world, even if that means marrying into a family of crazies.

eric trump and lancel lannister

Eric and Lancel both know what it’s like to be the weird cousin who gets picked on at Thanksgiving. They do their best, but are constantly outshined by stronger characters. I know Eric hasn’t gone insane and joined a religious cult yet, but give it a few years. We are only in the first season of ‘Trump’. If our theories are correct, Eric should only be questioning his sexuality right now. He won’t be attempting to overthrow the government with the Westboro Baptist Church for another 3-4 years.

king joffrey donald trump

This one is pretty self-explanatory…

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