5 Best Salt Bae Memes

Salt Bae, aka Nurset Gokce. Turkish chef turned internet meme sensation.

You asked for it so you got it. A ranking of of the best 5 memes from our new favorite Turkish chef!

For background on Salt Bae (if needed) – People

Otherwise, keep reading. We ranked the 5 Best Salt Bae Memes.

Salt bae

No one salts like Salt Bae! But that was a given. Watch his YouTube videos. You REALLY can’t compete.

salt bae north east

Number 4 goes to this one that may be only relatable to few, but those few are heroic.

salt bae

I’m only playin! Unless of course, you were feelin’ it.

russel wilson salt bae

I know it seems rash to give this very time sensitive meme the number 2 spot, but it’s too God damned funny!


And of course, our absolute favorite-

favorite salt bae

Few memes have better summed up my life.

The 5 Best Salt Bae Memes.

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