HOT NEW STAR Kathryn Newton Hot NEW Must See Photos

Never heard of her? Oh well you will! Soon the internet will be raving about the unknown Kathryn Newton hot up and coming actress. A rising starlet of the late 2000’s has blossomed into a Kathryn Newton sexy and flashy like you never would have expected. The country, the nation, will go nuts when the adorable Alex from Paranormal Activity appears in upcoming flicks such as Blockers, where this newer, more talented Kathryn Newton sexy and professionally is clearly poised to take her career to the next level. And then when Detective Pikachu drops… forget about it!

Quick Bio on Kathryn Newton HOT up and comer:

    • Age 19
    • Actress – Bad Teacher, Paranormal Activity 4, Supernatural, and others
    • Professional Golfer
  • Social Media Queen

Kathryn Newton hot

Kathryn Newton crushing it on Instagram as usual

kathryn newton sexy

Showing off her petite beauty in black

Kathryn newton hot

Beach babe, Kathryn Newton Sexy In LA

Kathryn Newton sexy

Kathryn Newton hot as always. Now, I have to say, Kathryn Newton really does seem like one of the most humble actresses in the game. Regardless of what you think about her talent wise, you have to acknowledge that she has a dedication to the craft as well as a respect for the industry and the foundation that was laid before her. She is a world traveler and despite her fluffy dog and blonde hair she is far from “basic”. With scholarships from UCLA to show for it, Kat here could have went to school on golf alone.

Many say she could have realistically perused the LPGA. Whatever it is, she was made for the camera and followed that route instead (who wouldn’t) especially considering she had already found success in it. So yes Kathryn Newton hot , sexy , yes all very true. But this young lady is far from a one trick pony! I predict a future, almost Drew Barrymore type career (Just way wayyy more stable).

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