Lip Gallagher Shameless Smoking Cigarettes

Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen) is everyone’s favorite character from ShowTime’s Shameless by default. No one really knows why…

As a fellow chain-smoking twenty-something year old college kid, Lip makes me feel less bad about my habit.

Lip Gallagher Smoking

Lip Gallagher reminds us why smoking is the most sophisticated form of suicide.

Lip Gallagher Smoking Cigarette

Hard to say if it’s the way he smokes that makes it cool, or his character that makes smoking look cool. Leaning towards the latter. He’s part of the small percentage of cigarette chain smokers that are actually frustrated geniuses overusing vices. Lip Gallagher shameless smoking cigarettes. What is interesting, Lip smokes a noticeable amount more when he is in rut, as opposed to when things are going well.

Jeremy Allen Smoking Cigarette

There are three things in life that are best topped off with a cigarette. A large meal, a fight, and sex.

Lip of course, never misses a cigarette after any of these things. He never misses his rolling-out-of-bed-in-the-morning cigarette for that matter.

Lip Gallagher Smoking A Cigarette

I’m guessing Jeremy Allen smokes cigarettes off-screen in his real life. If not, he does a great job playing the part. But can we take a second and think about how awesome a role this guy has? Lip Gallagher shameless smoking cigarettes. Certain scenes he just sits in the back with a beer and a boge, hanging out. And don’t get me wrong, he freakin nails the part. But what a lucky spot for this kid to land! Next cigarette I smoke will be dedicated to Jeremy Allen landing the role of a lifetime. Kudos to him.

Lip Gallagher Smoking Cigarette

The show is very aware of Lip’s need for nicotine. It is a constant topic. From his family’s comments to Liam making the clay sculpture of Lip that “even had a little cigarette”. (A scene that actually made me giggle a little)

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