Why 9/11 Was NOT An Inside Job

This may be more of an ‘editorial’ type piece, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to address. It’s been 15 years but still I have to argue with loonies and explain why 9/11 was not an inside job. Please share this with any nut-jobs who still think their government is working around the clock to have them killed.

Why 9/11 was NOT an inside job

Countless ‘documentaries’ and poorly produced YouTube videos have been convincing an alarming amount of Americans that their own government purposely brought down one of the most historic buildings in NYC. That, and killing thousands of American citizens in the process.

Here are some of the claims made by the “truthers” (as they call themselves)-

  • 9/11 was foreseen (some say orchestrated) and allowed to happen by the U.S. government
  • The planes didn’t actually bring down the buildings, they were blown up with explosives placed prior to the attack
  • A cruise missile hit the Pentagon, not a plane

I want to start by addressing how ridiculous of an idea it is to think something like this could be kept a secret.

First off, have you ever tried to keep a secret among a group of friends? Among your co-workers? It’s near impossible for humans to keep their mouths shut about any secret that’s even mildly interesting/entertaining. Now imagine if your secret was worth millions (possibly billions) and was covering up a dreadful evil to the public eye. Whoever revealed the secret would be proclaimed a hero on a national scale. They would be showered in praise, money, and book deals. How many people would you trust to keep this secret? How much would you have to pay them?

Michael Phelps
A guy who knows a thing or two about the value of secrets

This secret would be bigger than your brother-in-law cheating on his wife with her mom (or something like that..I don’t know).

It really can’t be illustrated just how big (and stupid) of an accusation it is. America, the land of the free, turning on their own people like it was the bombing of Guernica.

But this isn’t a dictatorship (Mind you, even in a dictatorship covering up something like that would be impossible), it’s America. Our government is no different than the company  you work for when it comes to the individual. Just a group of people working for individual self-interests. They are forced to work together and compromise for the sake of the entity, but it is not a hivemind or a giant alliance. Politicians rat each-other out to the media all the time over simple scandals like affairs and drug use, let alone attacks planned against the American people.

Conspiracists love to label the government as “it” or “they” – these people don’t realize what the government really is. It’s made up of people working 9-5 just like them. Some trying to do the right thing for the country, some trying to do the right thing for themselves. Senators and congressman spend their days dialing for support dollars. Their main concern is staying in office. Anyone who has worked with (or even just seen) any politician or branch of government first hand knows this to be true.

SouthPark, 9/11
We WISH the government was organized enough to conspire 9/11, maybe we would have agreed on healthcare by now

So where was I going with this…

A Billion Dollar Secret

Let’s say 9/11 was an inside job. And lets say it was covered up. How many people do you think would have to be paid off?

Like I mentioned before, none of these people are friends. They all want to get ahead of each-other. How long until someone starts threatening for more money? Whoever rats first will likely get less of the blame. They may even get off scotch free if they tailor their story a little bit. Whoever tells the truth first gets the glory of being the whistle-blower on the most dastardly plan every conceived. Their story will be the one everyone believes, after all, who would trust the ones who kept quiet? If you were one of those people, would you trust everyone to stay quiet? How long until you get nervous and spill the beans to save your own ass? I mean, we’re talking about thousands of American lives here. Never-mind the moral conflict it would create for at least some of these people.

It’s what political scientists call the prisoner’s dilemma. It proves time and time again that people will rat.

Now with all this in mind- think of how many (hypothetical) people that would need to be paid-off…

  • The public officials in office who stood behind and agreed with the 9/11 Commission Report.
  • All of the police and fire fighters who pretended to gather evidence of plane remnants.
  • Every single engineer, architect, and scientist who lied and then signed off on the accuracy of the 9/11 Commission Report.
  • The demotion teams that went after hours to set up bombs inside the building before the attack. The random building security, NYPD, and port authority officials who caught them a couple times but were also paid off to keep quiet (This one is so stupid it hurts).
  • Military personnel that purposely set up a training seminar on the same day to confuse air traffic control, along with all the commanders and soldiers who stood by as it happened.
  • The hundreds of people in the Pentagon who lied and attested to seeing a plane hit the pentagon, as well as the first responders and volunteers who cleaned up the debris from the imaginary plane.

It would take THOUSANDS of people to pull this off, and these are just the ones I could think of. After all these years not one of them has stepped up to tell us the “truth”? No one realized how disgusting it was and couldn’t live with it? No one spent all their money on coke and hookers and demanded more? Anyone who understands people knows this could never stay under wraps. Which is why no one would even attempt something that was this insane and detrimental to themselves, even if they were evil enough to devise it.

How It Started

But why do the theories exist then? Must there be some truth if everyone is so skeptical? Well, fittingly enough, it goes back to the idea of individuals being selfish.

Dylan Avery
Enter Dylan Avery- The self-proclaimed Father of “Truthers”

Dylan Avery was the creator of the first 9/11 conspiracy documentary titled Loose Change. If you check out Avery’s story, it’s pretty clear he is/was a young man hungry for money and fame.

His production of Loose Change (fun watch if you like to face-palm) started with him writing a fictional story in which him and his friends discover that 9/11 was a government conspiracy. After cycling through footage and photos of the Pentagon during the cleanup, he finally found some angles where the plane could not be seen. He ripped the footage and created a voice over proclaiming it was a missile that hit the building. It must have been around this point that Avery realized just how easy this conspiracy business is.

And no one knew that fact better than Avery’s soon to be friend, Phillip Jayhan .

The conspiracy nut offered Avery cash to get his movie off the ground and into production. Except he didn’t want it labeled as fiction. He wanted to add it to his list of insane conspiracy theories. ‘Loose Change’ was going to be his Casablanca.

Avery couldn’t have been happier. It was no surprise he readily agreed, after all, making money off movies was his ultimate goal.

But it wasn’t movies he was making, he was making sheep. Making money off sheep meant playing the part. He followed the money and overnight he transitioned from ‘director’ to ‘9/11 truth advocate’. Touring the country to spread his word (and sell DVDs and merchandise of course). Wearing a black shirt with “investigate 9/11” in white lettering, Avery took on interviews and slipped into his role with ease (or sleaze?). Admittedly it is quite impressive. The crazy part- the act still goes on today.

Since it’s release, over 100,000 DVD’s of ‘Loose Change’ have been sold. The documentary has also been downloaded over 3 million times.

Dylan Avery may have started the money train, but many have hopped on since. Documentaries such as 9/11 False Flag and Zeitgeist have followed suit. Other soulless individuals hoping to piggy back on Avery’s new industry.

If you believe any of these conspiracies, the creators think you are an idiot. They are using you and your fear. They are laughing all the way to the bank and they have your scared, gullible mind to thank for it. That should be enough to open the eyes of any “truther”.

Back to the Facts

So coming full circle now, in case the truth behind the truthers isn’t enough to change minds – all of their “theories” have been debunked with ease.

Theory: Bombs Were Planted in the Tower to Ensure the Building Would Collapse


Not even sure why they took this route (maybe make the government seem more sinister?), but believe it or not, this is a pivotal part of their argument. Unfortunately for them, it makes zero sense.

It took 4,118 separate charges in 1,100 locations on columns on nine levels of the complex to bring down a building have the size of the World Trade Center.

So to bring down the World Trade Center this way would require almost 10,000 bombs in each building. These are not simple installations mind you. The wall has to be cut out so the charge can be placed directly onto the beam. Even if done at night it’s hard to believe no workers in the building questioned the obvious (and sketchy) maintenance done while they were out. But the government can just ‘pay them all off’, right!?

And what about the bomb dogs that were brought in periodically? Remember, the towers had been bombed prior to 9/11. The same dogs that were witnessed by world trade center employees. Whose routine appearances before the attacks have since been confirmed by surviving workers. This installation could not have happened overnight. It would be hard to keep the dogs quiet about it. (Unless the government paid them too!) Were the dogs never really there? Were the surviving workers also paid off? And they readily accepted the money and made peace with the fact that their government attempted to murder them?

That is the conspiracists favorite line- “They paid them to keep quiet”… It is a BS cop-out that seems to be readily accepted by the poor suckers believing this crap.

Theory: Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams

Oh the classic line. The phrase seems to have become a cliche at this point. Used more to poke fun at conspiracy nuts than anything else. But incase you haven’t heard- I’ll get into it anyway.

Dank Beams

It’s true. Jet fuel can’t melt steal beams, BUT, steel beams DO NOT NEED TO MELT FOR A BUILDING TO COLLAPSE!

This one is real obvious once you get the facts.

The documentaries love to throw the numbers at you. Jet fuel burns at 1500*F, steel melts at 2750*F. As if a quick fact in your physics 101 text book is the end-all-be-all on the nature of skyscrapers after they have been hit by a plane!

Experts explain that the beams do not need to melt for the building to come down. Engineers and firefighters alike proclaim that they have never seen steel beams completely melted in a fire. Does this mean buildings don’t come down? Of course not! All it takes is softening, or twisting of the metal for the infrastructure to fall in on itself. Especially when the weight is as enormous as the World Trade Center. Once the top falls in is it a surprise that the rest of the building comes down with it? Conspiracy loonies will say the top should have magically disappeared leaving the rest of the building standing. They believe the engineers who created the towers in 1968 couldn’t have possibly overlooked the likelihood of a double plane collision. If those engineers were so perfect and pure, why are the engineers of today greedy, evil liars?

Because it fits their narrative, that’s why.

Theory: The Dust

To push the theory of explosives being pre-rigged to the building, these documentaries slow down the footage of the collapse. Puffs of smoke/dust can be seen coming out the side of the building as it falls. As they explain it, these dust clouds are evidence of bombs being detonated. The true culprit of the buildings collapse.

Trade Center Explosions

Ugh… OK. So, once the tower began to collapse, the floors came down. In rapid succession, the weight of each floor fell, pummeling the floor below it. Engineers refer to this process as ‘pancaking’. Any engineer will tell you it can happen without an explosion.

As these floors came down they sent dust and debris outward (where else would it go) and thus, with the help of Dylan Avery and friends, an illusion was created that bombs were going off and were the real cause of the buildings collapse. Absolute bologna. Creative. But bologna.

Wrapping It All Up

Going to stop here. Any “truthers” who think I’ve overlooked or ingored anything, please feel free to get at me in the comments! I would love to dispel any nonsense I may have missed.

Another thing I would like to add- if you truly believed your own government would orchestrate something like this, and you truly believed they could get away with it, why the F*CK are you still here?? If I TRULY believed that, I would have left for Canada like, yesterday. But you haven’t. You’re still here. Which gives me hope that there is still a rational part of you that knows it can’t be true.

If you are one of those people, please contact me. I would love to hear you out, and I would love to assure you (with facts) and further explain to you why 9/11 was not an inside job.

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