Americans to Root for in 2016 Olympics


Americans to Root for in 2016 Olympics

Just like that, the summer Olympics are back on the world stage. Hard to believe it’s been four years since our favorite moments of the London Olympics. Gabby Douglas shocked the world. Michael Phelps reminded everyone why he’s on the Wheaties box. And Mckayla Maroney was unimpressed. But who are our Americans to root for in 2016 Olympics?

Now the 196 countries of this beautiful planet are back at it again! This time, in Rio de Janeiro.

Most Olympic viewers are casual fans while some become full-blown fanatics. However both these fans have something in common- they don’t keep up with swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, or any of the other sports we so quickly become experts on every four years.

In case you haven’t caught any water polo games this off-season, we have compiled a list of our favorite (soon to be famous!) Americans to root for in 2016 Olympics.

Jordan Wilimovsky

Meet Jordan Wilimovsky.

Wilimovsky is actually an open water swimmer. We expect him to bring home the gold for us in the 10 km open water event, which he won in the 2015 World Championships by a margin of over 12.1 seconds.

At 22 years old, Wilimovsky is currently a student athlete at Northwestern University. Fair to say this summer will be one of the biggest moments in this young mans life.

Michael Phelps

The king is back!

After 2008, I thought he had given up. When he was training for London, they all said he was out of gas, old news (where you at now Lochte!)

Michael Phelps low-key won the most medals of any other athlete in the 2012 Olympics. In 2008 he won the most of all time.

Now, the is of course speculation of Phelp’s dedication. But every time, he shows that he is the fastest in the pool. I don’t expect this time around to be any different.

Despite a DUI and some other out-of-the-pool issues, his coaches say he is swimming faster than every. Which is absolutely amazing if true! I’ll be waiting, hoping to see Michael Phelps dominate the pool for America one last time.

Simone Biles


Remember this name. Actually, you won’t have to. You will be hearing about her as much as you did about Gabby Douglas. As was predicted, Simone Biles will be a big deal come August.

Gymnastics is a sport for the limber. Most can only find real success at specific points in their life. It is for this reason we will not see many returning gymnasts. Especially the women, who usually reach their gymnastic peak before 18.

Expect big things from Somine Biles this summer. Get ready. These are your Americans to Root for in 2016 Olympics.

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