How To Go Pro in Rocket League

Tips on How to Be a Better Rocket League Player

Rocket League has taken the online gaming world by storm. All ages (and now on all platforms) are getting hooked on this addictive arcade-style sports game.

Now for me, Rocket League is only fun when I’m scoring goals and winning games. So I’ve had no choice but to become one of the greats. Since acquiring ‘Veteran’ status after only a couple weeks of play, I deem myself qualified to give out advice to fellow players. Read theses tips I have laid out and keep them in mind next time you find yourself in the arena, you just may find yourself with a few more MVP awards.

4. Boost Management

Always keep your boost meter at 100%. Boost is to be used in emergency and therefore, must always be available. Use Forward+Double A to front flip forward if speed is needed. If executed three times in succession, the third flip jump with be farther and quicker than the last two. Doing this will actually bring you across the map faster than using boost. That being said, boost is still a quicker option for the spur of the moment play where action at a short distance is required. These are the moments that decide games.

Times to use boost-

  • Scoring opportunity
  • Loose ball towards an open net
  • To demo
  • Any defensive effort needed in a risky situation

Whenever you are out of boost, you must get to one of the 6 full boost pads as soon as possible to refill your reserves. I usually turn and grab one at the start of each round while everyone else fights for First Touch.

Boost Map
General layout of boost pads on Rocket League arenas

When the ball is loose towards the goal or  a cars on fast break, you don’t want to be the player that doesn’t have any boost left in the tank.

3. Patience

This is the tip that will help most players immediately. Next time the ball is popped up, or rolling up the wall to drop in the center, just back it up and watch for a moment.

You’ll see everyone either speeding towards the ball or waiting under to try and time their jump kick. All of these players may know where they want to hit the ball, but where it will actually go is unpredictable. This is why you wait instead of joining the mosh pit. All the time balls will pop back up in front of the goal or off the wall. By playing back you can read the balls path and be the first to react to it. While the rest are doing 180’s to see where the ball landed, you will already be flying in to knock it into goal.

2. Don’t Forget It’s Not Soccer

One thing I have definitely noticed among Rocket League players is a sportsmanlike type of play when it comes to contact. It’s almost like they think they will get a yellow! Don’t forget there are no penalties in Rocket League.

I was able to really take advantage of this once I realized it. Whenever the ball is on the opposite side of the field from me, I’ll just ram the cars around me. Sometimes I’ll send one flying and I’ll be wide open for the pass off the corner.


Waiting for a ball to land that has been popped up? Why? Instead of aiming for the ball, aim for the other player. If they are standing still when you make contact you can expect them to at least get knocked sideways. Might even demolish them. Then you can put the ball where you want instead of fighting for it.

PRO TIP- In 3v3, one of my go to strategies is what I call the “Goalie Takeout”. If the opposing team has a player back playing goalie, wait for a 2v1 breakaway situation. Put your boost on and zoom down the field as if you are going in to receive a pass. Instead, fly right into the goalie and demolish him. He will respawn in about 3 seconds but it will be more than enough time for your teammate to push the ball into the open net. Won’t get any love on the stat sheet for this one, but it will get you wins all day.

1. Aerial Hits (Or Lack Thereof)

Aerial Hits
Are you really good at aerial attacks? If not (and I’m talking like, top 1% here) you should probably stick to the ground game.

Attempting aerial hits with the rocket blast is generally selfish. If you’re up by a ton of points sure, have some fun and see if you can get one in. In a real competitive game however, it will most likely have a negative effect on your team.

Going for the aerial hit and missing leaves your team in a 2v3 situation for quite a bit of time. Unless it is absolutely necessary, or you are a pro at it, you’re better off waiting back for the ball to drop.


-Alex G

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