Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Last Minute Mothers Day Ideas

Answers found in this quick write up are for-

  • Sons and daughters who are down to the wire (as in, it’s already the morning of Mother’s day)
  • Those with a budget of $50ish
  • Own either a car or a computer…Or a neighbor who won’t notice you using his
  • Five Mother’s Day Ideas to Save You This Year

    5. Gift Card

    I’ll go ahead and put this one up first since you already thought of it. Some say it’s tacky, but hey, even they would agree it’s the thought that counts. (Plus, if you know of some spot your mother really loves, you can turn your cop out into an actually thoughtful gift.)

    If all else fails- this will be your backup. Since they are sold literally everywhere you should be able to go to your local 7/11 or CVS and grab one at any time. Get a nice funny card to go with it and you’ll be good to go in the nick of time.

    Another great thing about gift cards- no idea where your mom would like to eat or shop? Get a Visa/Mastercard pre-paid gift card and basically give her money! But in gift form

    4. HBO GO Subscription! (Or Netflix, Hulu, etc…)

    Everyone’s mom loves TV! (Right?) Big GOT fan? Snag her some HBO GO or HBO Now. If she has never heard or used of Netflix, could be a good time to bring her on board. ‘Adults ages 40 and above’ is currently one of the biggest demographics or Netflix originals. It’s no doubt her co-workers and walk buddies have their favorites.

    And if you have to spend some time with her showing her how to set it all up, well, isn’t that what mother’s day is really all about?

    Bonus for you- You may not even have to get out of bed to set this one up!

    3. Out To Eat

    Another obvious one but it’s the one you have been shaking off for some reason. Your mother would love to have you all to herself for an hour or so and at the same time, she can be treated to her favorite bar or restaurant.

    Plus, you can tell her you were planning it for weeks!

    2. Pedometer/Fitness Tracker

    If your mother is like most Americans, she has been getting more and more into fitness. Fitness and technology. It’s not for everyone, but for mothers who work a daily walk into their lifestyle just might enjoy the data tracking and feelings of reward brought by a fitness tracker. Ranging from anywhere between $50 – $300, these bad boys will feel like a real toy to the right recipient.

    For extra mothers day fun, FitBit (and others) offer a ‘challenge’ feature to make interactive competition between FitBit users. If you both get on board you could have a bonding activity that goes beyond just this Sunday.

    1. Flowers and a Card

    Hopefully no one is actually sweating over this… it’s Mother’s day! Your mother loves you and could honestly care less about the gift. Your presence will always be most important to her. You can call it cheesy, but damn it’s the truth.

    Of course… Flowers and a card as well as your presence may show a little more preparation!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    -Bobby G

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