About Us

Welcome to Today’s Five!

Our mission is to keep you in the know without you even having to try. Stuck in small talk and feel and awkward silence coming on? Think back to an article on our page this morning or a post you saw on our gram and instantly have some small talk to hold you over for the next 1-3 minutes! The beauty of Today’s Five is not only is it easy to digest, it is Today’s Five. Meaning it can’t be any more current. If they don’t know what you are talking about they are the dumb ones. And they will realize in the next few hours.

Journalism is dead. There is no fake news, there is no real news, there is only current discussion. Let us fill you in on what today’s “discussion” is going to be without brainwashing you into picking a side.

Our writers are objective but opinionated, like any human they have an inherent bias. To counter this we hire a diverse group of writers from different backgrounds. This ensures you stay in the know as opinionated, yet open minded. The way any news should be reported.

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