Best Game Of Thrones Memes From Season 7 Episode 5


“Eastwatch” was slow. Lets be honest. Oh I guess before I go further.. Spoilers? Kind of?

No reason to waste time here, we all have work to do-

Sam Ignores Gilly
I assume that this will like, become a thing. But as for now… Sam WTF! This whole time you’ve been a sappy pushover and the one time you take your aggression towards your shitty work life on your wife is when she is actually telling you something that is pivotal to what you are researching? And on top of that you taught her to read! God damnit Sam…

Cat Lady Khaleesi
There is no way that I was NOT the only one thinking that when Dany started talking about her dragons that way! Cat lady but to the extreme, extreme, like a sexy extreme though…

Dany Khaleesi meme
How many more inhumane acts until Khaleesi’s looks are outweighed by her evilness? Time will tell…

Oh this had me dying… I could only imagine. He might have even had the goodbye kiss planned until he saw all of that go down! So many possiblities too, uncle, older lover, does Dany have daddy issues?!?! All thought’s going through the poor bastards heads right now…

dany ex at club
Further evidence of that…

gendry psycho
OK clearly Gendry has seen some shit. God knows how long he was rowing but we didn’t know he went cold blooded. And he was ready to move on quickly. Only to tell Jon Snow he needed more. Calling himself a “fighter” even though he’s not a soldier, whatever the hell that means in those times. With his head shaved a little spastic twitch, he’s Gendry, but maybe only on the outside.

dick butt game of thrones
We’ll end it on this stupid note. Have a fantastic Monday you beautiful people!

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