Baked Alaska Lies About Uber Incident


Here at TodaysFive we like to do our due diligence as reporters/bloggers. That’s why I didn’t touch this story until I gave it a few days to settle, a few days to let me and my team really get to the bottom of it.

I know Baked Alaska has twitter influence, and I know this just may start a war, but I am ready to make the claim on behalf of my organization.

Baked Alaska straight up lied about everything that happened in his racially charged “Uber Incident”.

For those that are unfamiliar with this event, check out Baked Alaska’s tweet where he documents this “injustice” for us.

Now at first glance this seems like an up-in-the-air dispute. That is, if you are unfamiliar with Baked Alaska…

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska is a failed rapper turned “alt right” political agitator. I put alt right in quotes because to be honest I can’t tell if he is actually just a professional troll with no political opinions… Either way, his livelihood is based around stirring the pot.

He wasn’t the only failing internet persona to jump on the MAGA band wagon. But Baked Alaska quickly took an extreme turn, before long he was a spokesperson of the far, far, alt right. The borderline (if not actual) white-supremacists.

Which of course, turns anti-semetic REAL QUICK-

Baked Alaska Anti-Semetic

As well as advocating awareness for what the alt-right refers to as an “unknown white-genocide”

Baked Alaska White Genocide

Now of late, Baked Alaska has gone too far for even the alt-right leaders. He has been denounced by almost every conservative group since he crossed over to the looney section. That means his only fans are the extremists. The ones feinding for controversy and injustice against whites.

Which brings us back to our main point… Can we trust Baked Alaskas version of these events?

It is clear that the motive is already there. Now we just have to dissect his story.

Throwing in things like “She was speeding”, “Wearing no seatbelt”… If you had an actual argument would you really be adding in trivial things like that? Seems dramatic.

But that is just weak evidence I felt like throwing in. The real key point in the video is when the driver says “You know what you said”. I am inclined to believe that Baked Alaska DOES know what he said. Even though he claims he does not. He also claims with confidence that none of his companions said anything either. Despite the fact he mentions that he was asleep when the lady decided to throw them out for no reason… Hopefully the last time Baked Alaska lies about Uber incident would be enough, Twitter ain’t falling for it anymore!

After some Twitter backlash to his story not adding up, he suggested that his hats had been what set her off. Soon after he then admitted that they had called one of the African History monuments “ugly”… I don’t know if this would warrant an uber boot, but it is irrelevant because I think it’s a lie. A really stupid one for so many reasons I might add.. It is becoming clear Baked Alaska lies about uber incident for twitter just to try and stir the pot a little more.

How is that on Twitter you can’t even keep your story straight?? You can take as long as you need!

I think @THEPERFOURMER summed it up best:

So is a headline “Baked Alaska lies about Uber Incident” justified? I think so.

Who we gonna believe? The elderly woman just trying to do an honest days work, or this nutjob who pays the bills by creating fake hate crimes?

Case closed, bring in the dancing lobsters!

bring in the dancing lobsters

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