Trump Expected to Order Refugee Ban for Muslim Countries


In the coming days President Donald Trump is expected to sign executive orders that include a suspension of Visas for 7 Middle Eastern and African countries.

The 7 Countries that will be included in the ban-

  • Syria (90% Muslim)
  • Iraq (63% Muslim)
  • Iran (99.4% Muslim)
  • Libya (97% Muslim)
  • Somalia (99.8% Muslim)
  • Sudan (97% Muslim)
  • Yemen (99.9% Muslim)

As expected, many speculators and politicians alike are concerned with the anticipated orders. Democratic representative Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut insists “He’s (Trump) putting our diplomats and soldiers in danger”. Governor Malloy is not the only one with these concerns. Many experts agree that this kind of provisions will only increase tensions further in the Middle East.

trump muslim ban

Trump has gone on to say about the immigration order: “No it’s not the Muslim ban, but it’s countries that have tremendous terror,” Trump said. “And it’s countries that people are going to come in and cause us tremendous problems.”

Still, it’s hard to argue a muslim ban isn’t the intention when you look at the provisions outlined and the countries they are targeting. In Yemen, Somalia, and Iran virtually every citizen is Muslim.

“President Trump’s executive order to tighten the vetting of potential immigrants and visitors to the United States, as well as to ban some refugees seeking to resettle in the country, will shatter countless dreams and divide families, would-be immigrants and human rights activists warned.” (Washington Post)

“Most refugees in 2016 came to the U.S. from countries that are at war or under the control of repressive governments. Top refugee admissions from Africa came from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (16,370) and Somalia (9,020). From east Asia, most came from Myanmar (12,347). The greatest number of Europeans came from Ukraine (2,543), which is at war with Russian-backed irregular troops in the east. Colombians (529) fleeing an insurgency topped the list from South America, and Syrians (12,587) and Iraqis (9,880) fleeing civil war and terrorist groups topped the list from the Near East and South Asia.” (USA Today)

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