Who Is Handibot?


“Hi, I’m Handibot, welcome to Rec Room! How can I help you?”

It was a few days ago I stumbled across one of the most hysterically bizarre videos I have seen in quite sometime. If you have not seen this, I recommend giving it a watch real quick before reading on.

Once I recovered from my laughing fit (morning giggles can do that to you), I had a million and one questions.

But not limited to-

  • Who the f@%k is this guy? Seriously, who is Handibot? And is he the funniest troll I’ve ever seen, or is he a sicko?
  • Should I be laughing at this? Or should I be disturbed?
  • His weird comments came almost too natural to him.. is he literally a pedophile?
  • Was that little dance thing with him and his minion coordinated?? Because that made the video for me.

Unfortunately, there was little to be found Handibot067.2. But that doesn’t mean I won’t speculate.

After some further research, I found another Handibot sighting.

This one is long, fast forward to 1:06:00.

Had I seen this one first, I may have been convinced that Handibot was a robot. But since I had already seen his charade in charades, I knew very well he wasn’t a bot. I do have to say, he pulled it off in a beyond believable manner. He repeated himself over and over with an annoying enthusiasm, like an overzealous community center worker with a Xanax prescription. That is, until he randomly dropped an absurdly inappropriate remark without changing his tone, blowing everyone in the rooms mind at once.

From my perspective, he seemed like a master troll. No if ands or buts. I was disappointed I couldn’t find more of him… until I found more…

It truly is unfortunate that I didn’t let this guy just die as a legend in my head.

After digging deeper than I should. I discovered his YouTube channel. And just like that, Handibot became another Ken Bone.

The Downfall

I should have bailed on that video after the first 5 seconds. I didn’t, I held faith. However I had to draw the line when a child asked him “Why Waluigi isn’t in Super Smash Brothers?”

Handibot responds -“You would like information on smashing your brother.” He then goes into gruesome detailed instructions on how the boy could smash his brothers head, including stealing a hammer from the family shed. I shut the video off and realized I had lost another hero. This time, it was hero to zero in less than 8 hours. Record time. I no longer cared about finding out ‘who is Handibot?’

Final video that turned me off from Handibot is below, if you dare to watch.

In conclusion, to our original question, ‘who is Handibot?’ To put it simply- we don’t know who Handibot is. And I think it might be best to keep it that way.

Further reading on Handibot if you are so inclined – Source: Giant Bomb

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