Game of Thrones Survivor Pool (Episode 9 and 10)


Quick Background:

The 16 characters were derived from and ranked with the help of Newsweek, betting odds compiled by Time, as well as general fan consensus gathered from Facebook and Twitter polls. If you believe any of the rankings are unfair, feel free to comment. I will provide explanation to any questioning fans.

REMEMBER- This pool runs through episode 9 AND 10

Layout and Rules:

Game of Thrones Bracket

(PDF can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)

As you can see- the 16 characters are listed on the left. Ranked from least likely to die (Sansa being #1), to most likely to die (That would be Tormund, at #16).

IMPORTANT: This is a survivor pool. Not a death pool. You want to make your selection based on which character will SURVIVE.

Fill out the bracket like you would an NCAA March Madness bracket. Go through the pairs and select which of the two are more likely to survive, repeat for the next column. In the end you should have 4 characters left. As so-

Game of Thrones Bracket Filled Out

Here is where the game gets interesting, and strategic!

The four characters you end up with must be derived from filling out the bracket, you cannot just choose any 4 from the 16.

After episode 9 and 10 have aired, check if any of your 4 characters survived. If they are still alive, you receive as many points as their original ranking.

For example: On my filled out bracket above, you can see I chose Lancel, Rickon, Ghost, and Cersei to survive. If all 4 of these characters survive, I would receive 34 points. If Rickon were to die (and the remaining three lived) I would end up with 22 points, because Rickon’s character is worth 12 points.

You can play the safe route and choose characters like Jamie or Sansa. They are likely to survive, but will be worth few points in the final tally.

Alternatively, you can make riskier choices and select characters such as Rickon or Tormund to survive. But if they die, you will receive ZERO points for that slot.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments.

Other than that, good luck!


You can grab the PDF for the pool here – Game of Thrones Survivor Pool

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